Cops nab serial robber in Olney

An Olney man's robbery spree ended, police said, after he was caught in the act at a Dunkin' Donuts.

Raymond Coleman, 43, was arrested Dec. 27, when two officers from the 35th District stumbled upon his robbery of the doughnut shop, on 5th Street near Somerville Avenue in Olney, police said today.

Raymond Coleman, 43, faces multiple robbery charges.

In the incident, Coleman entered the store armed with a gun and demanded money from the clerk behind the counter. He got spooked, however, when he noticed the patrol officers, and fled on foot empty-handed.

The officers chased Coleman down and arrested him. They later discovered that he's considered a suspect in four additional robberies in the area.

Coleman is charged with robbery and related offenses in those incidents, police said.