Cops keeping close eye on Wheels of Soul vigil after weekend murder outside club

Three men were shot, one fatally, outside the headquarters of Wheels of Soul motorcycle club, in West Philadelphia. (Solomon Leach/Staff)

Members of the notorious Wheels of Soul motorcycle club apparently held a vigil for a fallen comrade, killed in a triple shooting outside the West Philadelphia clubhouse this weekend, on Tuesday night.

Police were closely monitoring members of the club – known for violence and plagued by two shootings in the last year including the one this weekend – as they traveled from a location where part of the vigil was held in North Philadelphia to the clubhouse on Market Street near 61st, some on bikes and others in cars.

Emergency response teams from West Philly’s 18th and 19th districts were activated in anticipation of the bikers traveling to the clubhouse Tuesday night, and several uniformed officers were in place to keep a close eye on them, according to police.

Police sources said Wheels of Soul members said they’d be peaceful Tuesday night, but that cops received some information that they planned retaliation for the weekend killing.

Members of the club earlier this week told the Daily News’ Solomon Leach that the man who died in that shooting, 31-year-old Nasir Pinkney, was ambushed outside the club after he and other members returned from attending the funeral of another Wheels of Soul member in Chicago. The two other men wounded in that shooting were in stable condition, and there hasn’t yet been an arrest reported.