Cops in videotaped arrest back on duty

Three of the four Philadelphia police officers who were involved in a violent, videotaped arrest of a young man in Frankford earlier this week are back on street duty.

The cops, all of whom work in Northeast Philly's 15th District, were filmed by at least two eyewitnesses as they struggled to subdue Marcus Warryton on Ruan Street near Paul on Monday night, minutes after police say the 18-year-old crashed his car into a pole.

One officer was shown repeatedly striking Warryton in the head with an extendable baton, including at least once while Warryton was on the ground.

During the struggle, police said, two officers suffered cuts and bruises, and one injured his neck. Warryton allegedly reached for one cop's gun during the encounter.

Warryton needed seven staples to close gashes on his head. He was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and resisting arrest.

The incident spurred an Internal Affairs investigation, which led to all of the officers being assigned to desk duty.

Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said Friday that the investigation is still ongoing, but only the officer who struck Warryton with the baton is still on desk duty.