Cops catch drug suspect, despite rooftop flight

Some things might be worth running across the rooftops. Like fleeing an assasin blasting bullets your way.

One Camden guy apparently decided a few baggies of crack and $842 was reason to hit the shingles at full speed. He should  have known such shenanigans rarely work out, except in the movies.

Sure enough, Ronald Drummond, 25, didn't get very far. Camden police started chasing the Pennsauken man just before noon Sunday because he matched the description of a man who reportedly was selling drugs on Morton Street near Mount Ephraim Avenue in the city's Liberty Park neighborhood, police said. But Drummond jumped out of a second-floor window onto a porch rooftop, ignored officers' commands to stop and ran across several rooftops before jumping to the ground. Seconds later, Camden Officer Andrew Fegley caught him on Thurman Street, police said.

Police found 18 bags of crack cocaine and $842 in cash on him. He was charged with resisting arrest and several drug offenses and jailed on $137,500 bail. He had a previous bench warrant for a weapons charge, police said. He also will be served with a Drug Offender Restraining Order, prohibiting him from returning to the area where he was arrested, police said.