Cops arrest police impersonator

Police arrested a man for impersonating an officer after he pulled a woman over near 54th and Berks and warned her about running red lights and ignoring stop signs.

Lt. John Walker in the Southwest Detective Division said Donte Hightower, 25, pulled up behind a 32-year-old woman flashing blue lights in front of his unmarked black Acura TL Thursday around 9:30 p.m. in Overbrook.

The woman pulled over and asked why the faux officer was using an unmarked car to pull her over. She also asked to see the man’s badge after his lecture on traffic safety.

Walker said Hightower quickly flashed something from his waistband, and then asked for the woman’s license and registration.

The woman handed the documents over and told Hightower she’d provide no further information until an officer in a marked car arrived.

Hightower walked back to his car and sat inside for about five minutes — meanwhile the woman was jotting down his license plate number and calling police.

Next Hightower gave the woman her license and registration back and took off. He was later spotted by police on Euclid Street near 53rd in Wynnefield and arrested.

The man was awaiting formal charges early Friday morning.

Police are asking for anyone else who was stopped in this manner to call the Southwest Detective Division at 215-656-3183.