Cops: Woman uses car to kill boyfriend

A lover's quarrel that started inside of a car in South Philadelphia early this morning ended in death when the man got out of the vehicle and his girlfriend ran him over, police said.

Around 1:52 a.m., cops responded to a radio call for a car accident at Morris Street and Ringgold. When they arrived they found the victim, a 28-year-old man, lying against the wall of a house with his 30-year-old girlfriend standing next to him, police said.

The woman told police she and the victim had been fighting inside of a black 2002 Acura when the victim, who was driving, pulled over and got out of the car.

The woman then jumped behind the wheel of the vehicle and rammed the victim into the wall of a house, killing him, police said. 

The victim's name has not been released, pending family notification. While charges against the woman are pending, her name has not yet been released either.