Cops: When alleged killer got angry, he exposed himself

It seems a bizarre action to take when angry, to expose one's genitals, but that's exactly what alleged killer Jason Smith did during a road rage incident last year, according to court documents and police.

Today, a state trooper, who asked not to be identified, provided new details on the incident, which I reported about yesterday.

The trooper said Smith was driving on I-95 in Bensalem March 16 and was trying to pass another vehicle. Smith said he felt that every time he'd try to pass the other car, the female driver would speed up and prevent him from passing, the trooper said.

"His way of expressing his anger was to expose himself," the trooper said. "He just raised up his mid-section."

The woman was able to get Smith's license plate and a week or two later, police found and interviewed Smith, who classified the incident as "road rage," according to the trooper.

Smith pleaded guilty to the charges. The trooper said there was nothing in Smith's behavior at the time that would indicate he'd be prone to more violent crimes.

"I think I'm able to get a good read on people," the trooper said. "With him, he really didn't show anything one way or another that led me to believe he would be capable of what he's charged with."

Smith, 36, of Levittown, is charged with murder for the Jan. 21 slaying of Melissa Ketunuti, a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Smith, who is an exterminator, is accused of strangling Ketunuti after the two allegedly got in to an argument at her home when he went there for a job.