Cops: Train station flasher surrenders to police

A 45-year-old Germantown man who exposed himself at the Queen Lane regional rail station was arrested, and is facing three counts each of indecent exposure and open lewdness.

Steven Barrick, of Pulaski Avenue near School House Lane, exposed himself at the regional rail station on Queen Lane near Laurens Street on at least three separate occasions between June 8 and July 20, police said.

Steven Barrick 1
Steven Barrick, 45, faces three counts of open lewdness and indecent exposure. (Police photo)

The first incident was reported around 7:20 a.m. on June 8. A 34-year-old woman told police she was walking through the train station’s parking lot when Barrick — who was naked — approached her.  

On June 16, a 36-year-old woman said she was sitting in her parked car at the train station when she saw Barrick walking down the steps from the train platform naked.  

When Barrick saw the woman in her car, he ran back up the steps to the platform, put on a red shirt and fled toward Wissahickon Avenue in a black Lexus, police said.

On July 20, a 20-year-old woman told police she passed Barrick at the train station around 11:40 a.m. He was wearing a long, white sleeveless shirt, long khaki shorts, gray socks and tan Timberland boots.

By the time he walked onto the train platform, Barrick was naked once again — except for the pair of boots, police said.

Barrick was identified as a suspect Tuesday, and he surrendered to police in the Special Victims Unit Wednesday.     

Barrick has been arrested nearly 20 since 1986 for offenses including indecent exposure, open lewdness, theft, robbery, simple assault, reckless endangerment and terroristic threats, according to court documents.  

He was awaiting arraignment Wednesday.