Cops: Man shot in Kensington was in abandoned factory

A man who cops believe may have been trying to steal from an abandoned building was found suffering a gunshot wound to the right thigh shortly after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night, police said. The shooting came after a man was shot to death in Tioga Wednesday morning after reportedly being involved in a scuffle over copper stolen from an abandoned warehouse.

Chief Inspector Scott Small said police were unable to locate the scene where the shooting happened, but that the 26-year-old victim had been seen climbing a fence around an abandoned factory on Boudinot Street near Allegheny Avenue in Kensington shortly before witnesses told police they saw him limping in the area.

“He was shot sometime before he left this abandoned property,” Small said.

He added that the man had been stopped by officers from the 25th District coming out of the same abandoned factory, which police say people steal copper and other scrap metal from, last week.

Small said the man gave police conflicting stories about the incident, so they were unsure around what the circumstances surrounding the shooting were. The victim was taken to Temple University Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition around 8 o’clock Wednesday night.