Cops: Man drove stolen backhoe from Chesco to Philly


Remember the David Lynch film "The Straight Story," about an old man driving his tractor across the country to see his dying brother? This is kind of like that, but not at all.

According to a story on, 33-year-old Michael Pusey stole a backhoe from a construction site in East Whiteland Township on Sunday and drove it roughly 30 miles to Philadelphia.

In what may be the slowest getaway ever, police estimate that it took Pusey about 2 1/2 hours to get to Philadelphia from Chester County using Route 202, the Schuylkill and Route 1.

Pusey, of Columbia, allegedly drove the backhoe to a Philly scrap yard because he'd heard someone was looking for one and he intended to sell it to them. 

Actually, this sounds more like a David Lynch film than "The Straight Story," which is perhaps Lynch's only film that will move you to tears instead of making you curl up in a ball and question your sanity.