Cops: Beau's 'accidental' shooting of girlfriend is murder

A Kensington man who claimed he accidentally shot his girlfriend Saturday night when he pulled a gun on a neighbor during a fight has been charged with murder.

Kuldio Singh, 28, of East Seltzer Street near A, was arrested after the 7:49 p.m. incident, police spokeswoman Officer Christine O'Brien said. He told police he was arguing with a neighbor and pulled a gun; his girlfriend Sherell Baker, 26, of the same address, intervened to calm the men down, but instead, she caught a bullet in the upper chest, O'Brien said. She died at Episcopal Hospital a half hour later.

The neighbor fled; it was unclear if he was armed.

Court records show Kuldio has one prior arrest for gun offenses in August 2009, but those charges with withdrawn for unspecified reasons.