Cop helps nab rape suspect

Call it fate, luck or a happy coincidence, but Officer Harvey “Skip” Davis” has a habit of being in the right place at the right time. 

After an unsuccessful pursuit of a speeding motorist in Logan earlier today, Davis was riding down Marshall Street near Louden at the exact moment a shrieking, partially dressed rape victim was chasing after her alleged attacker, police said.

“She was hollering to me that she had just been robbed and raped, and that the guy had her cell phone,” Davis said. 

“He was right at the side of my car. I yelled, 'Stop!’ but he took off.” The veteran Traffic Unit cop gave chase, first in his cruiser, then on foot. Davis said the suspect, a young black man in a three-quarter length jacket and gray sweater, darted across nearby Rockland Street, then down an alley, where he jumped over a large wall and ended up trapped.

Police arrived soon after and used a ladder to scale the wall to find the alleged attacker, identified as George Alexander Green, 19, hanging from the axle underneath a truck, police said. 

Investigators from the police Special Victims Unit said Green had forced his way into the 23-year-old woman’s house on Marshall Street about 1 p.m., put a handgun to her head and raped her on a couch. 

Green demanded money and fired one shot into the floor, almost striking the woman’s 2-year-old son, investigators said. He then forced his victim and her child into a rear yard, stole her cash and cell phone and took off. 

Police said Green had the woman’s cell phone when he was arrested. He also had a box of Remington .25-caliber ammunition that was missing eight rounds, police said. No gun was found. 

Davis, who last May helped apprehend four robbers after they attacked a woman at gunpoint near his Oak Lane home, said he was happy to again be able to come to the aid of a terrified crime victim. “We say in this line of work, when you’re not looking, that’s when you run across something,” Davis said. “I guess I was just lucky.”