Bronx man arrested after cops find $42K and pot in car

Bet this guy wishes he'd had some Fix-a-Flat.

Delaware State Police arrested a Bronx, N.Y., man Wednesday after a patrolman, who pulled over to help him with his flat tire on Interstate 95 in Newport, Del., spotted pot and almost $42,000 cash in the car.

Hazem Alasad, 24, was charged with possession of marijuana after the 3:15 p.m. incident near Route 141, according to Delaware State Police. Alasad allegedly had stopped his 2010 Dodge Nitro on the shoulder of the southbound lanes after he got a flat tire, police said.

The trooper who stopped to help him spotted a marijuana cigarette on the car's floorboard and a stuffed envelope in the glovebox as Alasad hunted for the car's rental agreement. Alasad admitted the envelope contained about $10,000 in cash, and that he shouldn't be driving because his New York driver’s license was restricted, state police said. A later car search turned up another $32,000 in cash in a paper bag under the driver’s seat. The money was seized for forfeiture.