Air conditioner breaks, leaves police sweltering

With the temperature hovering around 90 degrees at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, it’s been a pretty quiet night so far for crime in Philly.

As sweltering heat absorbed during the day emanates from mazes of brick rowhomes and pavement after dark, the neighborhood knuckleheads may have taken refuge wherever they could find air conditioning.

That’s a luxury police working in the Northwest Detective Division tonight are going without.  

Air conditioning at the division’s building, on Broad Street and Champlost in Ogontz, stopped working Wednesday, police said.

Since then, temporary fans have been blowing obscenely hot and stale air throughout the sweatbox of a building.

With Philadelphians bracing themselves for temperatures above 100 degrees Friday, police in the Northwest Detective Division said there was no word yet on how soon the air conditioning would be repaired.