Bullet wound makes for bad driving

Police who pulled over a motorist for erratic driving Tuesday night in Kensington quickly discovered why he'd sailed through a stop sign: He'd... Read more

Police hunting armed home invasion robbers

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Bustleton man arrested in playground vandalism

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11 injured after SEPTA bus hits light

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Cops: Man killed by brother in Parkside

A spat between two brothers took a horrific turn tonight, leaving one dead and the other on the run from police. Shots rang out about 7:15... Read more

Toddler killed in 'tragic accident' in Point Breeze

A 2-year-old boy was killed tonight after getting hit by a SEPTA paratransit bus, police said. The fatal crash happened about 5:15 p.m., as... Read more

Cops: Man gunned down in Ogontz

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Cops seek baby-toting bandit in scooter theft

Lookouts use all sorts of props to look innocent as they stand guard while an accomplice commits a crime - hats, sunglasses or even just a... Read more