Cops: Man killed by brother in Parkside

A spat between two brothers took a horrific turn tonight, leaving one dead and the other on the run from police. Shots rang out about 7:15... Read more

Toddler killed in 'tragic accident' in Point Breeze

A 2-year-old boy was killed tonight after getting hit by a SEPTA paratransit bus, police said. The fatal crash happened about 5:15 p.m., as... Read more

Cops: Man gunned down in Ogontz

A street fight in Ogontz on Monday afternoon escalated to fatal gunfire, police said. Officers responding to reports of a shooting found the... Read more

Cops seek baby-toting bandit in scooter theft

Lookouts use all sorts of props to look innocent as they stand guard while an accomplice commits a crime - hats, sunglasses or even just a... Read more

Kingsessing man accused of stabbing coworker in Herr's truck

Police have arrested a Kingsessing man for allegedly stabbing a coworker Friday afternoon in a truck outside the Herr's offices in Southwest... Read more

Police ID victims of three weekend slayings

Police have identified the victims of three unrelated weekend murders. In the most recent case, LaBrian Dale-Parker, 34, of Fredericksburg... Read more

State files formal action against funeral directors

The state Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs has filed formal disciplinary action against three funeral directors embroiled in... Read more

Skateboarder assaults Pop-Up Pope

Let's hope this isn't the way we treat the actual pope when he comes to town next week. The good people over at Pop-Up Pope, who've been drumming... Read more