25 school buses vandalized in Northeast Philadelphia

Leaving behind a sea of broken glass, a vandal damaged 25 yellow school buses parked in a fenced-in lot in Northeast Philadelphia last night, adding strain to an already strapped school district.

The buses were among 150 parked in the Shallcross Garage on Woodhaven and Byberry roads whose windows and windshields had been smashed, said school spokesman Fernando Gallard. The buses' wiring also was damaged.

"It's a difficult financial situation, that's not the thing we want to see," Gallard said, noting that repairs will cost the district about $30,000.

The district is self-insured and has money set aside for such issues, he said. In the meantime, the bus routes have been picked up by outside bus companies that contract with the district.

A police officer called in the damage just after 7 p.m. The police department is investigating a possible motive and is looking to obtain surveillance video from the area.

"It was obviously a senseless crime," said police spokesman Lt. John Stanford.