Cops: 'Massage therapists' charged with prostitution after Chinatown sting

Shun Yu Jin (left) and Ji Young Kim.

Cops busted two massage parlors in Chinatown for alleged prostitution earlier this week, police announced Friday.

Undercover officers from the citywide vice unit conducted a weeklong sting beginning last week at two establishments – one on Cherry Street near 10th and another about a block away at 11th and Race streets. During the sting, police said, two women solicited the undercover cops for sex acts.

Both women, identified as Shun Yu Jin, 48, of Flushing, N.Y. and Ji Young Kim, 30, of Cherry Street near 10th, were arrested and charged with criminal solicitation and prostitution. Police said tips and complaints from citizens that illicit sex acts were being performed at the parlors led to their investigation.