Welcome to Broad Street Diehards

Dan Geringer had been writing Daily News human-interest stories for 26 years when he debuted Broad Street Billy — “as big a phan as you are” — in October, 2008, inviting diehards to send in their favorite Phillies family stories and photos — kids, pets, home shrines, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas. Fans responded by the hundreds. A few weeks later, Billy remembers partying with two million of them on a slow-moving southbound Broad Street subway train, headed to Broad and Pattison to hear Chase Utley deliver his state of the union address. He remembers being thirsty. And then not being thirsty. He remembers depending on the kindness of strangers. But the details remain fuzzy to this day.

Last year, Billy’s cousin, Broad Street Bully, bonded with Flyers fans during the incredible Stanley Cup run, and second cousin Broad Street Birdie tailgated with the Eagles’ faithful before the Packers flicked our Vick.

Now in his fourth year, BROAD STREET BILLY, the guy who started it all, invites Phillies fans to send stories and photos to phillies@phillynews.com all season long, so we can share our love of the Phils as they fight for the right to PAR-TYYY like it’s 2008! And Billy promises fan interviews from the ballpark whenever he can squeeze into standing-room-only Ashburn Alley this summer.

Meanwhile, BROAD STREET BULLY invites Flyers faithful to send their stories and photos to bully@phillynews.com because the Trail to the Grail goes through South Philly.

Geringer is not a professional sports writer. He’s a fan, like you. He yells so loud, he gets hoarse, like you. By late in the game, he gets sloppy with his suds, like maybe one or two of you. This is your blog, fellow diehards. Talk to me.