Are fans who leave early really fans???

Today, fellow Phillies fans, let's talk about the serious issue of ants-in-your-pants fans who arrive late and leave early, abandoning the Phillies to play before a sea of empty blue seats. Broad Street Billy feels that is an UNFORGIVABLE VIOLATION of the Diehards' Code which clearly states that you arrive before the first pitch and stay until the last out is recorded because we have HIGH HOPES, not LOW EXPECTATIONS.  Today's Broad Street Billy column features a season ticket holder since 1974 (talk about great cred!) who was disgusted to see arrive late/leave early fans by the thousands at the Phillies opening weekend: 

Take a look, and let's discuss.

Here's a couple of comments from readers from today's chat:

[Comment From Hoppy: ] 

Liked the column on staying all nine innings. The stupid thing about leaving is you get stuck in traffic anyway with all the other losers who left, and sometimes, like Friday, you'll be sitting there in a traffic jam listening to the exciting end of a game you could have been at.

 [Comment From Anthony: ] 

If it's 40 degrees and raining, and you paid $100 for a ticket, you can do whatever you want. I would like to know how many of these true "die-hards" stayed all 9 innings at the Vet when the team was suffering for a lot of years.

[Comment From “Dr. Frasier Crane”: ] 

I'm also bothered by fans repeatedly getting to the game late and making you stand mid AB so they can get to their seat. Then they'll turn around and get up and go to the bathroom.

Broad Street Billy replies: 

Well, when you consider the alternative to their getting up to go to the bathroom...

TONIGHT: I'm on my way to freeze my Broad Street Butt off at Hamels' 2011 debut tonight.  Anyone coming to the game?