ICYMI: Tom Marsilje talks to Katie Couric about his 'currently incurable' cancer

If you -- like thousands of others -- read Tom Marsilje's "Diagnosis: Cancer" posts about his adventures as a "currently incurable" colon cancer patient and discovery researcher, you won't want to miss seeing and hearing him on a recent episode of the Charlie Rose show.

He tells guest host Katie Couric about his stunning diagnosis -- coming right when he was learning that a lung cancer therapy he helped develop was having impressive results. He talks with his usual candor about his current situation.

And he makes a compelling pitch for helping more patients navigate the famously Byzantine world of clinical trials, which now attract fewer than 5 percent of vancer patients. "In the age of immunotherapies," he says, "I think it's an ethical travesty that the system is not more easily accessed."

And, along with other guests, he talks about the frightening uptick in colorectal cancer among young adults.

Don't miss it.

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