Daily Delco Archive: December, 2012

Shorts + Santa hat = Delco snow gear

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(Drive-by photo, 35-40 mph, Aldan, Pa.) Read more

Holiday horror: Woman kidnapped, raped and robbed by 3 teens on Christmas

A young woman's Christmas - and her life - was shattered Tuesday when she was kidnapped, raped, robbed and beaten in her own car by three teenagers... Read more

Why does he have a Delco tattoo on his chest?

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I ran into Mark DeVito II, a friend of a friend, at a bar in Secane around Thanksgiving, but figured I'd save this quintessentially Daily Delco... Read more

'Domestic cannibalism' in Upper Darby?

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Upper Darby police are searching for a 21-year-old woman who allegedly attacked her mother while she was bathing by biting her on the hand... Read more

Cops: Dad brings kids, 2 and 3, to shooting

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The year is winding down, but one man snuck in his application for parent of the year this afternoon when he brought his two toddlers to a... Read more

Chester cop sues chief, mayor and city for slander

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A supervisor in the Chester Police Department has sued the mayor, the police commissioner and the city for slander, defamation and libel because... Read more

20-year-old hit with sex charges for relationship with girl, 13

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A 20-year-old man who convinced a 13-year-old girl he met online to run away with him has been hit with sexual assault charges after both admitted... Read more

Cops: Missing girl, 13, found at D.C. bus station

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THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: A 13-YEAR-OLD Radnor girl who went missing on Monday was found safe late Tuesday night at a bus station in Washington... Read more