Naked jogger nabbed in Radnor

A jogger in Radnor yesterday afternoon gave a whole new meaning to the phrase naked ambition. Around 4:15 p.m., Radnor police started receiving... Read more

Boy, 3, who received police escort, dies

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"He's only 3." Those words, spoken by 3-year-old Brayden Chandler's grandmother, Dolly, keep going through my head this morning. Word came... Read more

Stay away from killer drug 'Black Dahlia'

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Delaware County's Heroin Task Force is urging people to avoid the drug stamped "Black Dahlia," which is sold in a small blue packet like heroin... Read more

Hoagie makers - new and old - to work for free for sick boy

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Yesterday, I lamented that Delaware County was the only Philly suburb not mentioned in this story on where the wealthiest of the region live... Read more

Cops: 4 kids left alone, child wanders naked in street

Upper Darby residents who found a 2-year-old girl running naked down their street yesterday called police, who discovered that the girl and... Read more

Delco releasing $ to fight 'pothole vortex'

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Delaware County council is planning tomorrow to announce a grant program called Operation PAT (Pothole Assistance for Taxpayers) that will... Read more

Teens rob 12-year-old for his sandwich

A 12-year-old boy was jumped, assaulted and robbed by four teens who stole his sandwich and French fries in Upper Darby on Friday, according... Read more

Man stabbed to death with scissors

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Police responded to a homicide scene in Upper Darby today where the victim appears to have been stabbed to death with a pair of scissors, said... Read more