You're going the wrong way!

Remember that scene in "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" when John Candy and Steve Martin are driving the wrong way on the highway and Candy waves off the guy who is screaming out of his car window for him to stop? "Oh, he's drunk," Candy says. "How would he know where we're going?"

That's a lot like what happened yesterday on I-95 in Delaware County. State police this morning tracked down the 84-year-old woman who caused several crashes as drivers swerved out of her way to avoid a head-on collision with her wood-paneled station wagon. One guy tried desperately to get her off the road. She waved him off.

“Where she got off is unknown at this time," said state police Trooper Rosemary McGuire.

Check out the wild video that a driver sent to 6ABC. The woman is from Wilmington, but her identity has not been released. Charges are pending, state police said this morning.