Yeadon 7-Eleven robbed again ... and again


The 7-Eleven in Yeadon Borough is a block from the police station and directly across the street from District Court, but I still recommend that all employees report for duty in full body armor and an AK-47.

This place is like a war zone, and stick-up artists have no problem making repeat visits.

"It probably gets robbed about five or six times a year," said Yeadon Detective Sgt. David Splain.

Like this morning, for instance. The suspect implied he had a gun, but ended up fleeing after the clerk refused to cooperate and grabbed the robber.

“The clerk looks like he’s probably getting the better of the guy," Splain said after he watched the video. The suspect had his shirt ripped off in the scuffle. “He’s running shirtless down the sidewalk," Splain said.

Turns out, though, this is the same guy that robbed the 7-Eleven in April, Splain said. Apparently, he never heard of "gloves," because he used a sock over his hand to hold the gun. 

“Absolutely, without question, same guy. Walking with the same limp. He has the same pants on," Splain said.

In 2010, an agile robber struck the convenience store three times between March and June. He used a nifty "barrel roll" to get over the counter. Last year, 7-Eleven employee Gejea Ejeta was violently smashed through the store window by a hit-and-run driver. It was caught on video.

"He was emptying the trashcan and got hit," Splain said of Ejeta, a 24-year-old Ethiopian immigrant. The driver is awaiting trial.

The most recent robber is a light-skinned black male, believed to be in his early 30's, 5'8"-5'11", about 185 pounds, with close-cropped hair, a light beard and goatee. Tipsters should call Yeadon Police at 610-623-1500.