Woman steals during church and spends at McDonald's

A woman more concerned with Big Macs than the big guy upstairs swiped a churchgoer's purse during mass Sunday and went on a spending spree at McDonald's, according to police.

When the 53-year-old victim went up to receive communion during noon mass at St. Laurence Parish on West Chester Pike in Upper Darby, she left her purse behind on the pew, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

When she came back, her purse was gone.

"Church isn't even sacred anymore," Chitwood said. "Jesus Christ, it's a house of worship!"

Parishioners told police a white, blond woman in her 50s who reeked of alcohol had come in to the church without a purse but left with one.

Within a half hour, the victim's debit card had been used at a gas station on West Chester Pike, but Chitwood said the store had no video surveillance.

Then, the thief used the stolen debit card at a McDonald's drive-through to buy $34 (!) worth of food, including two Big Macs, two mocha frappes, two large French fries, a 20-pack of chicken McNuggets, two grilled chicken salads and a large coke, police said.

"Not only was she a thief, but apparently, she was hungry," Chitwood said.

When the woman got to the window, she handed over the stolen debit card, police said. However, when the cashier handed her a receipt to sign, the thief fled, leaving behind her food and the stolen card.

Police are now trying to obtain video from the McDonald's.

Meanwhile, Chitwood warned people to be vigilant about their belongings.

"In this day and age, you just can't leave anything around," he said, "whether it's in a church or in a shopping cart."

Upper Darby sees its fair share of church crimes. At least twice I've written about punks who've stolen church collection money and then there's this gem about a couple who crashed a midnight mass on Christmas, a story I will never forget, try as I may.