Who are these folks who 'vote' – for nobody?

Vote no

A completely useless item from the political fringe that I want off my desk right now ...

Get this: Hundreds of registered voters in Delaware County went to their polling places last week ... to vote for nobody. That's right, according to Election Bureau Chief Clerk Laureen Hagan, 214 folks actually pushed the"No Vote" button next to the phrase, "I do not want to vote on any office, candidate or issue." Not even an issue.

Who are you people?!? I mean, it's not like I'm thrilled with the choice of candidates these days, but at least I write in the names of characters from All the King's Men when I go to vote.

But you people. You're extreme. Did you push the button with your middle finger? Do you make reservations at five-star restaurants, then politely hand the menu back to the waitress and walk out? Does absolutely nothing tickle your fancy, or do you steadfastly refuse to let your fancy be tickled?

You could just stay home on Election Day. But you don't. You insist on voting for no one. And I respect that.

Seeking answers, I walked approximately 10 yards north to the desk of Daily News government and politics reporter Chris Brennan, who said: "Some people go not to vote but to show their displeasure at somebody being elected."

Sounds about right. Still, I'd like to meet these no-voters. Are you one of them?