When doors go unlocked

You’d be amazed by the number of police reports we receive about residents having valuable items stolen from their cars in quiet, suburban towns. They usually don't make the papers because they're just not newsworthy.

But what continues to boggle my mind is that almost all of these vehicle are unlocked. Really? You might as well put your iPods, credit cards, wallets, etc. out to the curb with the trash to make it more convenient for thieves.

Last week alone, Tredyffrin Township in Chester County reported four cases of theft from automobiles, according to yesterday’s press release. A wallet, laptop, iPhone, iPod, cell phone, GPS devices, gift cards and credit cards were stolen. Every vehicle was unlocked. Bethel Township in Delaware County had a rash of car break-ins over the summer. A 9mm gun was among the stolen items. Again, most were unlocked. And it goes on ...

Based on my extensive knowledge of the criminal mind, I’m going to make the following recommendation: Lock the car. Just because you live in a McMansion or have some trees around your house doesn’t mean you’re immune from crime.

As former Brooklyn College psych professor Arthur Reber once told me, “People are opportunistic a--holes in general.” Reber was talking about casino crime, but his words of wisdom apply to any situation, unfortunately. That's just how it is.