Videos: What's wrong with these Delco parents?

Delaina Garling allegedly told her young daughter to pepper spray store employees, says Upper Darby police chief Michael Chitwood

Two weeks ago, Clifton Heights "mother" Michele Davenport was busted for forcing her daughter to fight another girl, which resulted in the victim suffering a concussion. No need to tuck an "allegedly" in there because I've seen the full NSFW video and it's clear what Davenport did. It's sad. In the video, you see two 12-year-old girls, who don't seem particularly inclined to punch each other, egged on by a 45-year-old woman who has failed miserably at the whole parenting thing:

"Just f------ hit her! . . . Take her down! . . . Punch her in the face! . . . Kick her! . . . Do it! . . . F------ get her down! . . . Go ahead, knock her right across the head!" Davenport screamed as she convinced her daughter to fight another girl.

Last week, my Daily News colleague Stephanie Farr reported on the arrest of Upper Darby's Delaina Garling, who police say doused dollar store employees with pepper spray then gave the can to her 7-year-old daughter and told her to finish the fight.

And today, the Delaware County Daily Times has a story about Chester Township's David Butler, who was charged with instructing his juvenile daughter to fight another girl. All three incidents were caught on video. It reminded me of a story I covered in 2011, when this picture surfaced of a 2-year-old Chester Township girl duct taped to a chair. It was supposed to be funny, apparently. No one with half a conscience laughed.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood likes to use the word "scumbag" to describe the people his cops arrest. Maybe a bit too much over the years.  But these "parents" are bona fide scumbags and they're dragging their children down with them. It's a nasty cycle: Every day, stupid criminals are in the news. If you ever ask yourself how they got there, maybe it's because they had parents like Michele Davenport or Delaina Garling or David Butler.