Welcome to the Daily Delco blog

Welcome to the Daily Delco, where Daily News reporters William Bender and Stephanie Farr will be blogging about all things Delaware County. That’ll include a healthy dose of crime and politics, and, if recent history is any guide, their not-so-infrequent convergence. Visit often for breaking news, commentary and roundups of the day’s Delco news, from the Main Line to Chester. We’ll also keep an eye on Montgomery, Chester and Bucks counties. Look for the occasional guest blogger, too.

Why, you ask, does Delaware County deserve its own blog? Well, its population is greater than pre-Katrina New Orleans, so it’s not like we’re some Podunk county in the sticks. But if further justification is required, take a look at some recent clips:

We’re home to one of the nation’s most competitive congressional races, which recently became a three-way contest after Democrats helped place a right-wing candidate on the ballot (you can connect the political dots for yourself). Delco is also becoming a battleground county at the local level.

Lots of interesting characters can be found around the county, from Upper Darby Superintendent Mike Chitwood’s “scumbag” criminals to the “God-fearing, hardworking, law-abiding” folks that Chester Mayor Wendell Butler Jr. likes to talk about. Tim Donaghy (remember him?) grew up here, for whatever that’s worth.

Admittedly, it’s been a rough couple weeks. The county prison’s catch-and-release policy isn’t too popular; Tinicum is looking like Philadelphia International Airport’s next meal; and Collingdale sounded like Dresden when propane tanks began exploding during a five-alarm blaze at Scully Welding last week. But we also have the only veterans museum in the state, a beautiful new MLS stadium on the Delaware River and table games at Harrah’s. And when cops make a drug bust around here, they throw a barbecue … because that’s how we roll in Delco.

So tell us what you want to read about. Our contact info is on the right. Send tips, links, pics, video, etc.

... here’s a parting tip for you: If you see this dude around town, watch your back. Apparently, he's a "badass."