Wawa manager uses cell-phone jammer

So a Wawa manager in Montgomery County planted a cell-phone jammer by the cash register to block people from making or receiving calls while they were in line?

On Saturday, Hinson told police a Wawa internal investigation revealed the device was indeed a cell phone jamming device that belonged to a Leslie Kaun, a manager at the convenience store, who allegedly admitted to the company’s IT staff that the device was hidden and used to "jam" signals of customers who were using their cell phones while making their purchase, authorities reported.

Illegal. But awesome.

Update: Just talked to West Conshohocken Police Chief Michael Sinclair, who said he is now being told by Wawa that the company's internal investigation is still open, and that it is unclear which employee owned the device.

“It was still a cell-jamming device, but it’s an open investigation,” Sinclair said. “They need an opportunity to finish their internal investigation … They’re saying it’s a he-said-she-said situation.”

Sinclair said he’d consult with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office regarding possible charges. The Federal Communications Commission also has been notified.