Victoria's Secret can't keep its panties on the rack

Pssst, listen up. You want to know Victoria's Secret? It's that everything in the store is free. Just grab and go, ladies!

That seems to be message the lingerie retailer is sending out by continually letting thieves steal thousands of dollars of merchandise at a time.


Stephanie had a theft case in March. I wrote about one in January. It's amazing how much lingerie has been stolen from these stores, most likely fueled by high demand on the black market.

Then last Saturday, someone stole an estimated $6,000 worth of bras and panties from the Victoria's Secret at the Granite Run Mall, according to state police. 

If the company wants to keep giving its stuff away, that's fine. But I know an out-of-work Delco cop with a Taser that he's not afraid to use. He'd be great for the Victoria's Secret security detail.

Also, Stu Bykofsky. He'd do it.