Creepy vice principal with Bieber hair pleads guilty

Charles Hurst, the former middle school vice principal with that creepy Justin Bieber look, has pleaded guilty to sexting teenage students.

Hurst, 37, of Lansdale, worked at Pennbrook Middle School in Montgomery County. He was arrested in September for (among other things) allegedly texting a 14-year-old male student: "Remember ur week is run, [masturbate] and read in that order! Love you - goodnight!" Police say Hurst initially insisted that his "cell phone had a virus and that inappropriate text messages were sent" because of the virus, Daily News reporter Regina Medina wrote at the time of his arrest.

He ended up pleading guilty today to two counts of corrupting a minor and one of cocaine possession. He was not charged with sexual assault. School officials say background checks conducted when Hurst was hired found no criminal or child-abuse history. Bonnie Cook at the Inquirer has more info.