Upper Darby Council: Nothing to see here

Apparently, Upper Darby politicians aren't crazy about the idea of letting more folks see what happens at their council meetings. Unless it's, ya know, a "celebration" or something, according to Council President Jack Clark.

Barbarann Keffer, a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for council last year, discovered this last week when she attempted to tape a public budget hearing. In the below clip, Clark tells her to shut it down as soon as the meeting starts.

Clark threatens to have the police escort her out if she refuses. (That appears to be police Superintendent Michael Chitwood in the bottom left hand corner, but with his arm draped over the chair, he didn't look prepared to escort anybody anywhere at that moment).

"You know we don't allow videotaping of these meetings," Solicitor Paul McNichol tells Keffer, who had questioned the policy.

Keffer filed a Right-to-Know request and got a written response today from Upper Darby Chief Administrative Officer Tom Judge Jr. It so happens that the rule Clark and McNichol referred to doesn't exist, and, from now on, "Council will permit the recording or video recording of their meetings," Judge wrote in the letter to Keffer.

That's effective immediately, so record away, Upper Darbians. The next meeting is tomorrow night.