Unbe-Lee-vable: Man crashes car after news of Phillies win

A DelCo driver could have used some of Cliff Lee's focus early this morning when he wrecked his car because he was distracted by a text message about the Phillies win against the Dodgers, police said.

Claudio Kuhn, 39, was driving his Toyota Camry on Rose Valley Road in Rose Valley around 1:28 a.m. when a friend sent him a text message that read "The Phillies won!"

With eight scoreless innings on the mound and a home run at the plate, pitcher Cliff Lee dominated in the 2-1 game in Los Angeles that ran from last night into early this morning.

Meanwhile, back in Delaware County, Kuhn failed to dominate on the road. When he received the good-news text from his friend, Kuhn lost control of his car and ran in to a "healthy" 40-foot butternut tree, state police said.

At least he wasn't near a cliff.

Kuhn does not face any charges, although an investigation remains ongoing, police said.

Speed is believed to have been a factor in the wreck.