Toronto vs. Delco: Whose mayor parties harder?

Separated at birth? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (left); Marcus Hook Mayor Jay Schiliro (right).

I'm getting sick of all this publicity surrounding Rob Ford, the crack-smoking booze hound whose day job includes being the mayor of Toronto. This guy is nothing but a watered-down, Canadian version of James "Jay" Schiliro, the cigar-chomping, OJ-drinking, possible "demon" mayor of Marcus Hook in Delaware County who is currently facing criminal charges for ... oh, one (allegedly) craaaazy night back in Februrary.

Also, they look identical. Never realized that.

Anyway, Schiliro had initially vowed to seek re-election after he was arrested, which was my favorite part of the whole story. But he later withdrew and two other, probably relatively boring guys are trying to get elected right now in Marcus Hook as I type.

Just remember this, Torontonians and Marcus Hookians, these were the glory days.