Tiki should be Wawa's mascot

Tiki bird

Meet Tiki the cockatoo. He is 15 years old and prefers Saltines dunked in Wawa coffee. I almost didn't notice him in the parking lot of the Wawa on MacDade Boulevard in Ridley, but he let out a screech that sounded like a car with a low tire making a sharp turn in a parking garage.

The bird was perched on the driver-side mirror of Bill Wasson's pickup truck, just munching on some crackers for breakfast. Wasson, of Briarcliff, says he's owned Tiki since he was three weeks old. Don't worry, he doesn't ride on the mirror.

"If I'm out shoveling snow, he's right there beside me," Wasson said, as he dipped another cracker into coffee for Tiki. "He'll tell me he wants to go to Wawa. They have a picture of him up in their conference room."

No offense to Wally Goose, but Tiki should be Wawa's official mascot.