Third LMSD webcam suit possible


The Lower Merion School District has received notice that a third student could file a lawsuit over the district’s defunct theft-tracking software that secretly snapped photos of students using the webcams on their school-issued laptops.

Main Line Media News obtained the notice by filing a Right-to-Know request in July. And the district is apparently upset that it's now public:

Friday, a reporter contacted Doug Young, the district's director of school and community relations, asking about the allegations contained in the letter.

In his response, Young chose to ignore what was in the letter and instead he placed the blame on the media for reporting on the issue.

"We are disappointed that the Main Line Times has chosen to write about the threat of a lawsuit rather than actual legal action. Our focus is on educating the children of Lower Merion and Narberth. The entire community benefits when we can fully dedicate our time and resources to this effort,” Young wrote in the e-mail.

In July, a second student sued the district. He’s represented by attorney Mark Haltzman, who also represents Harriton High student Blake Robbins, whose February suit sparked the whole “spycam” scandal. Last month, the feds announced that they wouldn’t be filing criminal charges in the matter.

I’m not surprised that two or three families are suing the district for invading their privacy. I’m actually surprised there aren't more, especially today, when an encounter with Donald Duck leads to claims of post-traumatic stress disorder. And a lawsuit, of course. Even the Phillie Phanatic has legal problems.