Plant poacher strikes downtown Swarthmore


Swarthmore's police blotter this week contains the standard fare for a leafy borough in Delaware County. Stolen mountain bike, egged car, BB-gun antics.

But this caught my eye: For the past six weeks, someone has been stealing plants from Centennial Park, right in downtown Swarthmore. Police say the plant bandit is snatching them from the park in the dead of night. And, get this: "The plants are removed and the holes filled in with dirt."

One, who goes on a six-week plant-poaching spree? Two, who takes the time to fill in the holes? A professional. That's who.

This is occurring in a park created in 1993 to mark the borough's centennial, which means it's obviously an issue for the Parks and Recreation department. Leslie Knope. Ron Swanson. One sixpack. Two shotguns. Stakeout.

But if that doesn't happen, just keep an eye out for anything suspicious and report it to police.