Status update: Duh!

Upper Darby police said they arrested a 57-year-old man yesterday for posting threats against cops on his Facebook page, including one that read: "That one cop, he is mine. His days are numbered. Dead MF."

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said a concerned citizen alerted authorities to the threats on Brian Pontecorvo's public Facebook wall. Other threats against police, and one officer in particular, included: "Torture he will know" and "He has to answer to God," Chitwood said.

The threats are believed to have stemmed from an April 2 incident in which police removed Pontecorvo from Delaware County Memorial Hospital for trying to get in a woman's vehicle in the parking lot, Chitwood said. Pontecorvo was never charged with a crime in that case, but once he was in police custody he was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital's crisis unit for a mental health evaluation because of his irrational behavior, Chitwood said.

When police arrived at Pontecorvo's Drexel Hill house yesterday, he tried to run out the back door but police had that covered and he ran right in to their arms, Chitwood said.

It was not the first time authorities have been to Pontecorvo's house. Chitwood said police had responded there 14 times in the last year, all for domestic incidents between Pontecorvo and his wife.

For the Facebook threats, Pontecorvo was charged with terroristic threats and related offenses, police said.