Springfield rollerblade accident leads to sainthood

Feel-good story I stumbled upon while perusing the Catholic News Service, which I often do around this time of day:

In 2002, William Glisson Jr. was rollerblading down Baltimore Pike in Springfield when he crashed and cracked his head open.

Guanella gets the sainthood nod

While he was in a coma, a family friend gave Glisson's mother relics of the late priest Luigi Guanella. One was placed in his hospital band, the other in his mother's pocket, according to the Catholic Standard & Times. Doctors predicted he would die.

But Glisson unexpectedly recovered. Really quickly. Shook it off, went back to work, later got married ... and a Vatican commission determined that there were no scientific, natural or medical reasons for Glisson's turnaround.

So Pope Benedict XVI has decided to name L.G. a new saint later this month.

Bada bing, bada boom! That's how we make a saint in Delco.

Good work, who's next?

(h/t Shannon McDonald at Newsworks)