Shootout reported in Swarthmore ... sort of

doc wyatt1
Not the suspects

For a moment, I thought we might've had some real crime to report in sleepy Swarthmore, a leafy, lefty little borough in Delaware County where you're more likely to have your begonias trampled on than catch a stray bullet.

The call came in around dinnertime last Tuesday. Someone told police that a shootout was underway in front of a house on the 400 block of Michigan Avenue.

"The caller stated one subject had a hand gun and the other a shotgun and they were firing at each other," according to a police statement released today.

Oh, sh-t! 

"Additional backup was requested," police said.

When cops arrived on the scene, they found one subject lying on top of the other, and a black handgun was on the ground. Did they shoot each other simultaneously? Are they both dead?

"Officers drew their weapons and ordered the males to show their hands," the police statement reads.

Turns out, it was just two kids. With BB guns. Their parents picked them up.

Now, back to that psycho who's been stealing plants in Swarthmore ...