Cops: Scary man is not a licensed lawyer

Leaford George Cameron

Delaware County authorities have arrested this guy, whose blank stare scares the bejesus out of me, for allegedly tricking an Aldan woman into thinking he was a licensed attorney. When detectives caught on to the scheme and asked Leaford George Cameron whether he was licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, "his reply was that he should be," according to the criminal complaint.

Cameron, 60, of Burlington, N.J., said he received his law degree at Cambridge University in London (isn't that in, uh, Cambridge?) and said he was admitted to the bar in Florida and California. But detectives couldn't verify his membership in either of those states.

In 1993, Cameron was convicted in Bucks County for unauthorized practice of law, according to the criminal complaint.

I don't know why Cameron is doing any of this, but I'm logging out now because he's staring at me again and I don't like it.