Cops: SEPTA bus driver made 100-pound pot stop

Otto: Inspiration?

Last time I checked, SEPTA doesn't have any routes that include a stop to pick up 100 pounds of high-grade weed. But that's what got bus driver Yves Daudier in serious trouble, state Attorney General Linda Kelly just announced.

Daudier, 43, who has addresses in Yeadon, Delaware County, and Sewell, N.J., allegedly used his lunch break to hop in his personal vehicle and swing by a self-storage facility on Island Avenue to grab 104-pounds of really good marijuana, Kelly said. He was in his SEPTA uniform at the time. (Guess he didn't buy his Powerball ticket in April).

Daudier was arrested Thursday and was in possession of a scale, an electronic money counter and a Breitling watch worth several thousand dollars that he claimed he "found" on the bus, authorities said. He apparently also owns a Porsche, a Mercedes and intended to lease a Bentley. He's charged with conspiracy, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and related offenses.

We're going to have to make some calls on this.