International ID-theft ring at Ruby's Diner?

Scene of the crime

Welcome to Ruby's Diner, the "premier 1940's family restaurant" known for its award-winning burgers, fountain drinks ... and, apparently, international identify theft.

State police say someone (don't know who yet) installed malware on the computer system at the Ruby's in Concord Township, Delaware County, providing thieves with access to customers' credit and debit card information. The info was stolen to "generate fraudulent credit cards which were in turn used throughout the United States and internationally to purchase items by additional people," according to investigators.

And you just asked for black coffee and a slice of pie ...

The scam might have been going on since early last December, but cops say it doesn't appear that Ruby's employees were responsible. What?!? I had this pegged as an inside job. Cue the Twin Peaks theme song. I need to make some calls.