Radnor police find decomposing body of rape suspect

You've probably read the line in crime novels or heard it on police procedural TV shows: Cops telling a suspect to stay where they can find him while they conduct the investigation.

Robert Hendricks hadn’t gone anywhere in weeks. Didn’t move an inch. The 63-year-old Radnor resident apparently blew a hole in his head – likely sometime in May – after cops raided his Highland Lane home near the Haverford border and seized several computers as part of a sexual-assault investigation involving a teenage girl.

Hendricks’ body wasn’t discovered until last Saturday when one of his daughters knocked on the door, got no response and called police. Radnor Police Lt. Andrew Block said Hendricks died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He’d likely been dead six to eight weeks, Block said.

“It’s a pretty sordid story,” said Fifth Ward Commissioner John Nagle, who sent an email to township residents Monday explaining the police and Delaware County Medical Examiner activity outside Hendricks’ house over the weekend.

“That house must’ve been ripe,” Nagle said.

Investigators are awaiting the completion of a forensic analysis of Hendricks’ computers. They're looking for any evidence related to the alleged assault, including photos or messages.

“She was picked up by him and he brought her back to the house. Allegedly, over the course of several hours, the sexual assault occurred,” Block said. “Just because this person at this point is no longer alive, we’re thorough and we’ll continue the investigation.”

Police are being tight-lipped about the case because the alleged victim is a minor and no charges have been filed. But a township source said the man apparently told police that he believed the girl was 18 years old.