Police bust alleged brothel in Drexel Hill

Her name may be Prudish, but police say she's anything but.

Upper Darby Police said they busted a brothel in Drexel Hill last week and arrested one of the prostitutes, Amy Prudish, and the madame of the house, Margaret Dougherty.

Dougherty, 41, ran the brothel out of her row home on Armdore Avenue and only during the day, when her son was in elementary school, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said.

Police were alerted to the operation by concerned neighbors and by a print-out advertising "massages by beautiful women" that was sent in anonymously to the department, Chitwood said.

An undercover officer who went to the house last Thursday was greeted by Dougherty who said it would be $180 for a massage, police said. Of that $180, Dougherty told the undercover that $100 went to the house and $80 went to the masseuse, Chitwood said.

When the undercover went to an upstairs bedroom, he was greeted by Prudish, 38, of Riegelsville, who said that she would perform sexual acts for a "generous tip," according to police.

He declined, but made an appointment for the next afternoon, Chitwood said. After Prudish allegedly agreed to accept $200 for sexual intercourse, cops closed in and arrested Dougherty and Prudish.

Police seized three log books from the house filled with dates, names, numbers and dollar amounts as well as several guns, a computer and cell phones, Chitwood said.

According to police, the operation had been running since 2009 and had "dozens and dozens of clients." Chitwood said Dougherty had two or three more prostitutes who worked out of the house, though they have not yet been identified.