Police fashion tip: Kids, don't set fire to your clothes

In a classic case of burying the lede, Swarthmore cops just sent me an e-mail about a routine theft – car unlocked, credit cards stolen, $20 in quarters, blah, blah, blah – only to be followed by a second item that begins with, "Apparently there is a new fashion trend ... "

My finger hovered over the "delete" button long enough to read that, according to cops in this leafy nook of Delaware County, kids these days like to wear clothes where the edges appear to be "burned or charred."

"We had a recent incident involving a juvenile attempting to do this to her clothing," the release continues. "The item caught fire and resulted in injury to the person. Everyone should be aware, especially parents, that clothing can be flammable and this is an extremely dangerous procedure. In addition to the personal injury this could easily result in an out of control situation and structure fire. Hopefully awareness of this incident will prevent future injury or damage."

Is this a bona fide fashion trend? Or just a Delco thing? I'm looking at you, @DelcoGrlProblem.