Newspaper thief assaults Brookhaven cop

Who says people don't read newspapers anymore? This guy was stealing them before sunrise. By the bundle!

In a piece of meta-journalism, Kathleen Carey, my former co-worker at the Delaware County Daily Times, reports today that an early-morning bandit who had been snagging newspapers from businesses before they open allegedly assaulted a Brookhaven cop Saturday after a stakeout went bad.

Police say when they tried to arrest the guy, he "played it off like he's now delivering the papers." Then, they say, he jumped into his truck and took off – while dragging and punching an officer.

Cops describe him as a black male in his late 20s or early 30s, 220-230 pounds, wearing long khaki shorts, a gray cutoff shirt and a Muslim knit cap. He was driving a blue or gray Ford Explorer. Tips: 610-876-6142.