New Delco Bar president has many 'roles'

A couple people passed along a press release yesterday from the Delaware County Bar Association, announcing that lawyer Michael P. Pierce has been named its 2011 president. The release wasn't sent to me directly. Maybe because the Bar Association didn't have my e-mail, or maybe because I've written a bit about how tax dollars have a strange tendency to flow back to Pierce or his law firm in towns where he holds an official position.

"Pierce presently serves the community in a number of roles ... " the release states.

Michael Pierce DD

You bet he does! Pierce is the council president in Chester Heights, where he was co-signing checks to his Media law firm, Pierce & Hughes. That arrangement ended after people started asking questions. But Pierce is also the longtime solicitor in Darby Township and the former solicitor in Darby Borough. He runs two small companies out of the same building as his law firm that are paid to collect taxes and fees ... in Darby Township and Darby Borough.

The full release, which I've pasted below, does not mention these "roles."

Pierce, as he knows by now, has some enemies in the Bar Association, including one member who anonymously leaked Chester Heights documents to the D.A.'s office and asked them to investigate last year. No charges were filed.

Press Release:

MICHAEL P. PIERCE, ESQUIRE, was recently installed as the 2011 President of the Delaware County Bar Association. The Association was organized in 1872 and Pierce will serve as the Association’s 76th President. The Delaware County Bar Association has been lauded as one of the most progressive bar associations in the United States and continues its unprecedented service into the twenty-first century.

 Michael P. Pierce, Esquire, a resident of Delaware County, was admitted in to the practice of law in 1985, and currently serves as Principal in the law firm of Pierce & Hughes, P.C. He received his B.A. in 1982 from St. Joseph’s University and his J.D. from the Temple University School of Law in 1985.

Pierce presently serves the community in a number of roles including President and Councilman of the Chester Heights Borough Council; Commissioner and Umpire for youth baseball; and currently holds the position of Solicitor to the Township of Darby; Solicitor, Delaware County, Eastern and Pennsylvania State Association of First Class Township Commissioners; Solicitor, Lower Chichester Township Civil Service Commission; County of Delaware, Office of Intellectual Disabilities; Muckinipates Sewer Authority; Millbourne Borough Zoning Hearing Boar; Folcroft Borough Civil Service Commission. Pierce also presently serves as Special Counsel of the William Penn School District, Disciplinary Proceedings.

Pierce has been a member of the Delaware County, Pennsylvania and American Bar Association since 1985 during which time he has served in many capacities through to his current role as President. He is a member of the Family Law Committee and has, since 2007, served as Chairman of Municipal Solicitors/Townships & Boroughs Committee of the Delaware County Bar Association. In addition, Pierce serves a number of professional associations locally and statewide. Additional interests include collecting sports memorabilia, golf and youth sports.

Pierce’s firm but “hands-on” approach to leadership coupled with his respect for fellow attorneys, and his true concern for the legal profession will find him successful in serving as President, 2011. Pierce strives to stimulate interest in the Association’s membership through improved technology and communication, enhanced member benefits, and quality service to the community and its activities. It is this involvement that generates a positive effect in improving the community in which the Association’s members practice, and for many of them, the community in which they live.